I work with natural materials such as butterflies, feathers and flowers. My motifs are scanned or photographed and later combined into a complete picture.

This creates colorful and unique combinations that are exhibited as mandalas, kaleidoscopes and other works of art. Almost all the materials I use embody
lightness. It is the small and often overlooked things that I like and use for my art. By combining and enlarging each subject, I can bring out the beauty and colors.
The result is artwork that is unique and special in its own way.




Swiss-based artist Marco Fischer has been honing his digital art skills in recent years. Originally a photographer, he has combined his digital art skills
with his many years of experience in photography.
Marco's evolution into digital art has allowed him to add another element to his association and further expand the scope of his talent. The use of natural
materials and combinations in digital artwork allows Marco to challenge the boundaries of digital art.